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Addressing Anti-Blackness (Arabic language resource)

Adam Elsayigh worked with Spike BZ on this translation of many anti-blackness resources specifically aimed at Arab and Arab American communities.

Arab and Arab American friends, share with your WhatsApp family chats, Facebook groups, and however else you reach your communities.

Download the original images from this Google Drive folder.

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Important podcast to follow & share

One of our guests (his episode is number 32), Refael, is starting a podcast called Gay Maghreb. He recorded an intro yesterday, which is called Antisemitism in the MENA – international Holocaust remembrance day. It’s published here:—international-Holocaust-remembrance-day-e31vt3?fbclid=IwAR2XJ_5Fi99qzTUYQDu7o-hCnCIUbhp7-Wkp-3Cij1hoG8k7mlXMaCFMg58
There’s also a transcript posted there. Please listen and support Refael in what he is doing.

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